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If you are looking for pumpkin facts and information and want to learn about pumpkins you've come to the right place! We grow nearly 300 different varieties of fruits, nuts, beans, grains and vegetables on our farm. Of all of them, pumpkins are by far our very favorite crop to grow. There is something magical about them. It is hard to look at a pumpkin and not smile. They are good for both your body and your spirit. What could be more fun to plant, nurture, harvest, eat and enjoy than a pumpkin?


Come with me on a journey to learn

"All about pumpkins."


Since we are going to be partners on this journey, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joy, and I am a wife, a mom, and a farmer. I, along with my husband and our two daughters, own and run our small family farm and farm store. We have a u-pick pumpkin patch every fall.


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My family has been growing, selling, cooking and eating pumpkins for several generations. We love pumpkins, and would like to share our passion, and what we have learned on our farming journey with you. Click the navigation links at the top of this page, or the quick links to the right, for a wealth of information and detailed facts "All About Pumpkins".


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What exactly is a pumpkin? A vegetable? No. A fruit? Yes! A fruit is defined as being the part of the plant which contains seeds. The average pumpkin contains about a cup of seeds, so they are most definitely a fruit.

A Rainbow of Colors & Shapes Pumpkins come in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes. On our farm we grow green, yellow, red, white, blue and even multi-colored striped pumpkins. They can be huge, tiny, flat, short, tall, round, pear, necked, smooth, ribbed and even warty. Some pumpkins are fabulous for culinary uses. Some pumpkins are more suited to being carved or displayed.



Cucurbit Family

A pumpkin is a member of the cucurbit (gourd) family. The cucurbit family includes pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, luffas, watermelons and melons. Most of the plants in this family are vines, however there are a few exceptions. There are four main species. Maxima, Pepo, Moschata and Mixta (also known as argyrosperma).


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